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1979 Founded



The organising committee has dedicated itself to presenting squash in a dynamic, modern and attractive way.  We are open to new ideas and are keen to turn our visions into the highest possible quality.  We act on behalf of all our sponsors and have built this event together.

The Tournament Director Steve Buchli, Head of Operations Mark Meyer and the entire team wish you a very enjoyable and unique squash experience!




It was Mohamed Elshorbagy, the dominator of the scene for many years, who made his mark on the 2019 Grasshopper Cup. Set as No. 1, the 28-year-old Egyptian won the eighth and exceptionally strong PSA rankings - seven of the top ten players were in Zurich - and won the Heugümper Trophy at the third attempt, three years after his brother and one year after his close loss in the final against long-time rival Ramy Ashour.


The tournament was held for the first time in the Hall 622 in Zurich-Oerlikon. The new venue and the field of participants outshine anything that has been seen before. The PSA M100 tournament makes history with a new winner. Ramy Ashour (EGY) also called "the artist" is back at the top of the squash world in impressive form, to the delight of the spectators!

GC Cup 2017


6 years after its revival the event is still growing: With a prize money of USD 100.000 and the top four ranked players of the world (Grégory Gaultier, Karim Abdel Gawad, Nick Matthew and Mohamed Elshorbagy) the Grasshopper Cup 2017 reaches a new peak in its history. The tradition of the great tournament in the heart of Europe flourishes.

GC Cup 2016


At this event the spectators witness the rise of Marwan Elshorbagy, the younger brother of Mohamed, who stuns the squash world by beating both top seeds of the tournament (Grégory Gaultier and Simon Rösner) on the way to his yet biggest win of his career and securing himself a place in the top 10 of the world rankings.

GC Cup 2015


The big and quick success of the revitalized Grasshopper Cup forces the organisers to again move the event to a larger location. With an increased prize money of now USD 70.000 the Grasshopper Cup is staged for the first time in the stylish "Puls 5" in the heart of urban Zurich. In the end it is Grégory Gaultier who shows all his skills to win the final and take the Grasshopper trophy home.

GC Cup 2014


The Grasshopper Cup is now the largest squash tournament in central Europe with USD 50.000 prize money and is now staged for the first time in an all glass show court in an industrial warehouse in the heart of Zurich ("ewz-Unterwerk Selnau"). The audience experiences world class squash and the last tournament win of the maestro of squash: Amr Shaban of Egypt.

GC Cup 2013


Fired up by the success of the revitalized Grasshopper Cup the organisers raise the prize money to USD 35.000 and stage the event (for the last time in its long history) in the premises of the Grasshopper Club itself. In the end the trophy goes to the Englishman Alister Walker who beats his compatriot (and previous winner) Daryl Selby in an enthralling final in five sets.

GC Cup 2012


Three enthusiasts from the Grasshopper Club believe in the future of their great squash tournament of the 80s and 90s and revitalize the event as a USD 25.000 PSA Pro Tournament. The project becomes a great success, attracting a thrilled crowd and presenting world class players in the premises of the Grasshopper Club in Zurich, where Darly Selby beats homeboy Nicolas Müller in a five set final thriller.

GC Cup 2001


At the beginning of the 21 century squash is increasingly confronted with a range of problems and challenges on a worldwide scale. Following the wins of John Williams (2000) and Mark Cairns (2001) the Grasshopper Cup is no longer held due to a lack of sponsoring and interest within the club. It is the temporary end of this great event with a long tradition.

GC Cup 1990

The 90s

Squash enjoys a huge popularity. The Grasshopper Cup has established itself as a top event and is now attracting the world's best players to Zurich, such as Jahangir Khan, Chris Dittmar, Jansher Khan and Thierry Lincou. A great age for every squash enthusiast.

GC Cup 1980

The 80s

The invitational tournament quickly attracts capacity crowds to Zurich as well as some of the best players of the days (Geoff Williams, Paul Hendry, Gamal El Amir), who show their stupendous skills each year at the premises of the Grasshopper Club.

1979 Gründung GC Cup


The Grasshopper Cup is founded by Kaspar Fleischmann and held for the first time on the traditional courts of the Grasshopper Club in Zurich. It is Norman Ingledew who beats Grasshopper's own Colin Fletcher in the final and is the first title holder of this event which becomes legendary in the years to come.